I am a multidisciplinary artist with focus on painting, photography and moving-photography (sound embedded in time-lapse photography and video).

My subjects range from a socio-political commentary to identity issues and nature (aesthetic/healthy balance or lack thereof in our universe).

My style of work cannot easily be labeled into a specific artistic definition as I work on diverse lines of art genre, which sometime can be pure impractical abstraction that borders on political or narrative expression.

I dislike repetition in my work for the sake of creating identity-consistency — my consistency lies in my unfaltering dedication to creating work regardless of circumstances — as well as I hate perfection in my work, but to relentlessly pursuing perfection because I believe that both repetition and perfection confine one’s creative development into a narrow spectrum.

Therefore, I make my work not too refined and didactic but to allow viewers imagination to play a critical role in appreciating and interpreting my work as they seem fit.