About Me-The Artist - Behind The Art







I am a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on painting, photography, and live photography -which may include sound embedded time-lapse photography and video.


I am driven and inspired in exploring subjects such as actual and abstract identity, subconsciousness, possibilities, and improvisation; and how it influences me in relation to our universe and communities across the globe.


My style of working cannot be simply pigeonholed into a specific artistic definition as I work on diverse lines of art genre, which sometimes can be a pure impractical abstraction that borders on political or narrative expression. I use a variety of medium on various materials that appropriately challenge or suit a subject that I set out to address in my work.


Sometimes, I use irony to investigate my subjects, and, intentionally leave them to appear like an incomplete work or a work-in-progress.


Also, I am more interested in the contents of the work and the impression it generates rather than on technique and style.  Working in a non-linear progression and embedding metaphorical elements with minimum regard for aesthetics result of the artwork.


My goals are not to achieve perfection in my work but to relentlessly reaching out for it; I consider perfection an illusion and limitation on one’s development. Therefore, I have my work not too refined to let viewers imagination play a critical role in appreciating my work in a sociocultural context. And, to unapologetically express my opinions on global issues affecting humanity, nature and our universe through my artwork.


On Exhibition:


You may be wondering why I don’t have exhibitions information on my profile? Well, I don’t because I have a few exhibitions to write about. The kind of exhibitions proposals I had, I often rejected because they mostly did not measure up to the value and mission I have as an artist;

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