The Artist Statement

“I don’t like it when my works are too predictable or overly abstract, I like them to have some random patterns, textures, and images, that way, they may appear differently to different people, and have different interpretations at different times, even to myself as the artist.”


I am a multi-disciplined artist with main practices in painting, photography, and video (moving photography including SOUND). Sometimes, I make digital artwork such as posters, and non-fungible tokens (NFT). Now and then, I make sculptures with recycled objects.


I have been a professional artist since the 1990s with some exhibitions in Canada, The Netherlands, and the U.S.A.


Occasionally, I tend not to take myself too seriously, by using irony and parody to investigate my subjects. At times, I leave my work to appear as an incomplete project. 


In addition, I have my artworks not too refined to let the viewer’s imagination plays a critical role in appreciating my work in a socio-cultural context.